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adiWidget™ is the pioneer for the static corner image widget for blogger. Developed since September 2007, the idea is now has been used by many other web developer. Instead of static png image, you can now add flash and gif image format in every corner of your blog. But the position of the image is still remain static at the corner of your page. It can be used to give the mood of your web with any image that you want. All of the items here are FREE! So, enjoy then... It is advised that you use the latest browser i.e IE7 and Firefox. adiWidget™ is not compatible with IE6 or below. Please READ the TUTORIAL if you want to know how to apply adiWidget™ in your site. If you have any questions, want to contribute images for adiWidget™ or anything personally, you are welcome to e-mail me at adiwira[at]gmail.com. Otherwise, please use my shout box.

Please UPDATE adiWidget SCRIPT

If you see this message in your blog while using my widget,

I'm very please if you can UPDATE the script since the server that currently hosting this image and code is going to reach its limit :-(

Some widget also will suddenly being missing from your blog since I've to delete the files from the server.

What you NEED to do FIRST is DELETE old adiWidget script:
1. Go to your Blogspot Dashboard and click Design.
2. Then click Edit HTML
3. Find adiWidget script.

[a] You may used function FIND (Ctrl F) to look up the script.
[b] You have to know how the adiWidget script is look like. Please see adiWidget script pattern to understand in any of the widget.
4. Delete the adiWidget script which is look like the following. [Please make sure you know WHAT to delete!]

5. The please REPLACE with any other adiWidget that you like. I already provide the link below.

For those who can read the adiWidget script, you may change it manually. There are 2 things that need to change:
1. Javascript Link:
OLD LINK: http://adiwidget.com/js/adiWidget.js
NEW LINK: https://sites.google.com/site/adiwidget/adiWidget.js

2. Flash Link:
OLD LINK: http://www.adiwidget.com/flash/FILENAME.swf
NEW LINK: https://6481650730899347971-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/adiwidget/FILENAME.swf

*please change the FILENAME to original flash name.



So Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for all your support and understanding.

All the flash widget are effected with this changes. Please get the LATEST script here:

01. Assalamualaikum... atuk oh atuk 

02. Lion Widget

03. Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Muslimin

04. Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Muslimat

05. Say No to Backout Buyer
06. Penyataan Penafian: Part 1

07. Welcome + Clock + Hello Kitty & Friends

08. Welcome + Clock + Hello Kitty

09. Welcome + Clock: Part 2

10. Welcome + Clock

11. Upin & Ipin: Salam Aidilfitri: Part 2

12. Subscribe Me Please

13. Selamat Hari Raya: Versi Ketupat

14. Welcome to My Blog: Part 2

15. Welcome to My Blog: Part 1

16. Lagi Koleksi Raya

17. Upin & Ipin: Salam Aidilfitri

18. Berhati-hati Di Jalan Raya

19. Forever Friends

20. Salam Lebaran

21. Salam Aidilfitri

22. Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

23. Jom Shopping!

24. Welcome: Versi Indonesia
25. Forever Friends: Lots of Love

26. Another Forever Friends Bear

27. Forever Friends Cute Bear
28. Welcome to Our Online Shop

29. Selamat Datang ke Kedai Online Kami

30. Upin: Hai Kawan Kawan

31. Din Beramboi



Kayyisa on 9 Sept 2011, 19:47:00 said...

macam mana ni? blog kite dah kena pesan please update script tu lah.., macam mana nak hilangkan pesan tu tolong lah

Aldino Rahman on 10 Sept 2011, 01:08:00 said...

visit my blog and don't forget to follow

Johel Andreas on 11 Sept 2011, 11:53:00 said...

Well. see my blog
-[ http://www.emperorofdragon.blogspot.com/ ]-
or in co.cc
-[ http://www.emperorbox88.co.cc ]-
=> I'm from Indonesia !

Gracia Veronica on 12 Sept 2011, 12:42:00 said...

updated :D
thank you so much.
i'm from indonesia btw :)

zac1987 on 14 Sept 2011, 06:15:00 said...

terima kasih, saya sudah update kod itu pada blog saya http://ye5.blogspot.com

Unknown on 14 Sept 2011, 09:48:00 said...

my blog because error adiwidget

Dionysius sitanggang on 19 Sept 2011, 19:07:00 said...


si.via on 23 Sept 2011, 22:04:00 said...

blog aku kyk mna jadinya? adiwidgetnya gk bisa dpakai lg?

Unknown on 24 Sept 2011, 02:05:00 said...

Dear All,

Please make SURE you read the above instruction on how to UPDATE adiWidget script.

THIS SCRIPT: http://adiwidget.com/js/adiWidget.js
AND REPLACE WITH: https://sites.google.com/site/adiwidget/adiWidget.js
in your HTML.


Max Vape on 1 Oct 2011, 05:45:00 said...

please terangin bahasa Indo Gan!!

dennizforever on 15 Oct 2011, 10:41:00 said...

tetaaaap g bs,,dh aq update ke https://sites.google.com/site/adiwidget/adiWidget.js..tp tetep aja tulisaaaan nongool buat suruuh update,,,gmn neeehhh????

cpet bls ke

Unknown on 17 Oct 2011, 07:56:00 said...

THIS SCRIPT: http://adiwidget.com/js/adiWidget.js
in your HTML file...

bukahalaman_Blog on 20 Oct 2011, 15:28:00 said...

Wow keren Gan widgetNya,,,,,
jadi kepngin pasang nih hehehe


TeQah Khaire on 28 Oct 2011, 11:29:00 said...

xjd pown buat widgets tuh ..

cam mner nak pulihkan shoutbox tuh balik ?

abes dah xchantek blog kita oo ..

@deQ on 28 Oct 2011, 13:28:00 said...

kalo x update xble ke??? saya xnak la letak kt blog saya. abesss la, xble nk sign in..

myfashion on 28 Oct 2011, 19:06:00 said...

tak dpt cari...mslh jer....huhhhh

zati_faizal95 on 28 Oct 2011, 19:58:00 said...

aah x leh nak sign in.. cmne nie..

abbasmohdtajuddin on 28 Oct 2011, 23:39:00 said...

camne kalau kita tak boleh nak cari dalam html tu benda yang kita nak delete? ada tak cara lain?

Putra IJ80 on 31 Oct 2011, 11:16:00 said...

why u make my life so difficult nway thnks.

AieSha on 1 Nov 2011, 00:04:00 said...

bro, tak jumpa la script adiwidget tu kat HTML aku. skang ni aku taktau macam mana nak buang widget yang suruh update tu... tolong aku bro...

yaNa on 1 Nov 2011, 16:07:00 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown on 4 Nov 2011, 20:21:00 said...

There will be no more message " Please UPDATE the script bla bla bla..." in your blog.
Sorry for all the inconvenience.
Luv You.

Unknown on 8 Nov 2013, 15:36:00 said...

bagus semua ni widget nya :3

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www.3wae.com on 31 Dec 2019, 02:32:00 said...


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