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adiWidget™ is the pioneer for the static corner image widget for blogger. Developed since September 2007, the idea is now has been used by many other web developer. Instead of static png image, you can now add flash and gif image format in every corner of your blog. But the position of the image is still remain static at the corner of your page. It can be used to give the mood of your web with any image that you want. All of the items here are FREE! So, enjoy then... It is advised that you use the latest browser i.e IE7 and Firefox. adiWidget™ is not compatible with IE6 or below. Please READ the TUTORIAL if you want to know how to apply adiWidget™ in your site. If you have any questions, want to contribute images for adiWidget™ or anything personally, you are welcome to e-mail me at adiwira[at]gmail.com. Otherwise, please use my shout box.

Welcome to My Blog Version

This is the latest from me... Enjoy........

I want to credit the above images to:
1. Les Copaque - http://www.upindanipin.com.my/
2. Mr. Bean
3. Tilmiz - www.TILMIZ.com.my
4. Tokei Kedai
5. Sponge Bob
6. Popeye the Sailor man
7. Smurf
8. Pocoyo Poyo
9. Mapel Story
10. Disney

Keywords: will update later...


a'A on 30 Mar 2009, 09:46:00 said...

knapa sy x dpt pn masukkan avatar nie..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

jazrul on 24 Apr 2009, 16:45:00 said...

saya pun tak dapat masuk avatar

web design

✿manis cili✿ on 8 May 2009, 13:30:00 said...

ha ah..mmg x leh msuk pon..
nape la cm nih?x update lg kot

Unknown on 8 May 2009, 13:42:00 said...

Cara untuk letak widget ini adalah dengan:
1. Dapatkan URL image berkenaan dgn Right Click pada Image berkenaan dan click pada properties. Copy URL image tu cth URL image yang pertama: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_sYx8LhsF1y0/SRmRPX-ivDI/AAAAAAAAAmo/R4nvqTJ5ji0/s200/welcome_48.png

2. Paste URL tu di http://adiwidget.com/adiCode.htm untuk GENERATE CODE.

3. Copy code tu dan Paste jer dalam blog anda.

4. ada masalah email jer kat adiwira@gmail.com


✿manis cili✿ on 15 May 2009, 12:36:00 said...

ok2..dh boleh..tma kasih..
mmg smart..

fauzi on 28 May 2009, 09:36:00 said...

tak smart pun

malaysia seo

fauzi on 28 May 2009, 16:44:00 said...

macam mana nak masuk avatar

fire fighting traning

~~**ExYrA**~~ on 5 Jun 2009, 23:27:00 said...

dah buat tp x jadi

ainnl_ on 19 Sept 2009, 08:52:00 said...

ada x gmbr yg lg besar sikit???

Muhammad Ariff Ramlee on 28 Apr 2010, 01:02:00 said...

alhamdulimmah blh masukkn avatar ni..(^^,)

Mama's blog on 30 Apr 2010, 15:08:00 said...

saya dah copy URL, tp kat maner saya nak pes kan ... adiwira.com/adiCode.htm tu not found la ... so tak leh nak generate code ...

Unknown on 21 Dec 2010, 16:02:00 said...

xdapat pun...........

lovefeboclucious10 on 24 Jan 2011, 15:58:00 said...

ape ssh sgt nk dptkn avatar nih??@_@

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