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adiWidget™ is the pioneer for the static corner image widget for blogger. Developed since September 2007, the idea is now has been used by many other web developer. Instead of static png image, you can now add flash and gif image format in every corner of your blog. But the position of the image is still remain static at the corner of your page. It can be used to give the mood of your web with any image that you want. All of the items here are FREE! So, enjoy then... It is advised that you use the latest browser i.e IE7 and Firefox. adiWidget™ is not compatible with IE6 or below. Please READ the TUTORIAL if you want to know how to apply adiWidget™ in your site. If you have any questions, want to contribute images for adiWidget™ or anything personally, you are welcome to e-mail me at adiwira[at]gmail.com. Otherwise, please use my shout box.

Logo Sekolah

Sebab banyak sangat permintaan untuk buat widget bagi sekolah, maka adi khaskan blog ni untuk logo-logo sekolah, maktab, universiti, poli, kolej, madrasah dan yang seangkatan dengannya kat sini:


So, kalau nk widgetkan logo sekolah anda, maka, emelkan lah kepada adi logo yang berkenaan [seeloknya dalam kualiti yang memuaskan] ke adiwira[at]gmail.com. Bila siap adi akan paparkan kat blog tu.

Blog tu masih dalam pembinaan dan adi akan update bila free. Slalunya busy giler :-)


direktoriperniagaan on 13 Jun 2009, 06:01:00 said...

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FdausAmad on 21 Jun 2009, 22:52:00 said...

Gua nak jemput lu makan kenduri kat blog gua.
Ikut baca doa lagi bagus.

Kalo nak follow pun takpa.

Blog gua tu dh tak seimbang,ramai dah berat ke belah punk.

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Om Prakash on 8 Feb 2010, 14:11:00 said...

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